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The Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic (OMM), a component of the Centre for Research in Astrophysics of Québec (CRAQ), is located in the Eastern Townships, about 250km from Montréal and Québec City. Its 1.6m Ritchey-Chretien telescope is perched at an altitude of 1111m on top of mount Mégantic.

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Le Mont-Mégantic défend son patrimoine céleste

La protection du ciel nocturne est une lutte permanente. En 2007, le parc du Mont-Mégantic devenait la première “réserve de ciel étoilé”. Aujourd’hui, ses responsables retournent au front pour faire respecter la réglementation.  Click here for more info

Despite its small aperture, the wide range of instruments available at OMM makes it one of the most versatile telescopes in the world. These instruments allow cutting edge imaging, spectroscopic and polarimetric observations both in optical and infrared light (see MANUAL).

OMM activities are being developed around four main objectives:
  • basic and applied research in astrophysics
  • instrument design for national, international and space observatories  through its Laboratory for Experimental Astrophysics (LAE),
  • formation of highly-qualified personnel,
  • dissemination of astrophysical knowledge through a vigorous outreach program.

The Director of the OMM is René Doyon ( and the Executive Director is Robert Lamontagne (


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